Why Us

What happens in a facilitated workshop?

One of the key reasons why our lessons learnt workshops are a success is a complete understanding of our clients objectives from the start; another is clear communication for the participants on the day and throughout the process.

We have a tried and tested process, tools and techniques to ensure you get maximum benefit:

Understand and capture the original project objectives
Define the scope of the review before the workshop, so that all attendees know what to expect and the intentions are clear.
Our independent facilitators provide an objective and neutral view of the project and keeps discussions focused and on track.
Use appropriate and engaging techniques during the workshop to gain maximum output.
Ordering all of the ideas into a priority few.
Cascade actions and measures down the organisation
Following the workshop we deliver an appropriate and concise and report that documents the key outcomes and areas for future improvement
Gather recommendations and assist you to centralise these as a respository of best practice.

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Industry Comment

Simply said, project review is a very important activity that benefits many and are an asset to the organization

Snr. Project Manager, IT

Relying on luck is not a viable project strategy; however, this is what we do when we ignore lessons learned.

Duncan Haughey