An Enlightening Construction Meets Manufacturing Forum

13 August 2013

Action-Fraction Ltd was pleased to attend the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce, Construction Meets Manufacturing Forum on 13th August 2013. This event, held at Explore Manufacturing Ltd attracted 40 key businesses from the construction and manufacturing sectors around the East Midlands.

The event was of great benefit and interest to all attendees as it provided presentations from Alan Clucas, Director, Project Delivery, Explore Manufacturing Ltd and Derick Wilson, Chairman, Spinelock Group.

Catherine Wheatcroft, Lead Facilitator attended from Action-Fraction and commented on the day, “The presentations were inspiring as they demonstrated the latest in technological and innovative solutions for the construction industry. The event showed just what could be done to move the industry forward into more efficient methods, whatever the size and scope of the business”.

Along with the presentations, the highlight of the morning was a tour around the manufacturing site of Explore Manufacturing Ltd. They are pioneers of ‘offsite construction’ and manufacture modular solutions from columns and beams to smart walls and building systems at the manufacturing site. Catherine comments, “The scale and speed of what they are producing is quite remarkable. To create entire walls and structures that can then just be assembled together on site is amazing. These structures are designed and created from start to finish at the manufacturing site using automated processes’.

Catherine’s final thoughts, “We have some great businesses producing some real innovative products in the Midlands, and companies like Explore Manufacturing just confirm that all the more. This really must be the way forward in construction and I am sure we will see it as a commonplace method in the future. I extend my thanks to DNCC, Spinelock and Explore Manufacturing Ltd for an enlightening morning’.