New Website for Action-Fraction!

31 December 2012

The new website for Action-Fraction went live on 31st December 2012. The launch of the new website offers quick and easy access to essential lessons learnt information. The website aims to help project based businesses to easily access and understand how facilitated lessons learnt / project reviews will benefit them.

With a modern and colourful design, the website is divided into three distinct areas for finding out more about Action-Fraction as a company, the services that we provide and a resources area for further information.

The website offers special areas to find out more about how we have helped other businesses, business comment articles and news from our business. We aim to grow and extend this area over the spring to ensure that it provides useful insights, knowledge and tools of use to any industry that is involved in large installations or project roll outs.

We look to your feedback and welcome any enquiries or articles for publishing.