Why Us?

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    SME's are losing out on up to £122bn in potential sales by letting marketing slip off the radar.

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    The average SME is only achieving 39% of its planned marketing activity.

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    SME's could increase their sales by 46% with focused promotional activities to existing customers.

Increase Sales Improvement Program

Poor or insufficient marketing is cited as the main reason for failure in 37% of SME's. But the good news is that the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%

Our Increase Sales Improvement Program is designed for SME's that need to increase sales opportunities, double their repeat business and make more revenue...quickly and easily.






Core Focus Areas
Optimise your sales opportunities and let more prospects know you exist.
Streamline and focus your sales and marketing for better results.
To make a difference to how many sales opportunities you generate.



  • Benefits and Gains
    Increased sales opportunities
    Reduce ineffective marketing spend
    Better focus on maximising every opportunity
    Increased responses and results
    Reduce the stress and worry over future sales lead levels




The Delivery
Current situation measurement activities
A learning and review event
Behaviour surveys
Sales and marketing observation sessions
Improvement workshops and training
Self help collateral
1-1 ongoing telephone and Skype support

Action-Fraction   Measures of Success
Increase in sales leads
Business direction and focus
Reduced marketing budget waste
Staff engagement and motivation
Incremental improvements

Client Testimonials
"Catherine gave me the direction and motivation I needed to pick up the phone to some prospects and within the space of 5 calls I had made two contacts who were very positive and I am actively pursuing business opportunities with them now".
Lyn Mason - Catalysts At Work

Contact us to book a place on our increase sales improvement program or discuss how your business could increase sales this year.


Industry Comment

It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.

James Thurber

Process for process sake is not good for goodness sake.

Lynn A. Edmark