Why Us?

Meetings Improvement Program

Employees spend up to 40% of their week in meetings, of which, 50% or more of the actual meeting time is unproductive and would be better used on value adding work.

Our Meetings Improvement Program delivers more productive meetings in less time.






Core Focus Areas
To optimise the meetings in your business so they achieve maximum productivity in less time.
To free up more time in your employees day to work on revenue generating business goals.
To make a difference to your business.



  • Benefits and Gains
    Increased productivity
    Gain an extra hour per day per employee
    Reduced meeting overheads
    Improved quality of outputs
    More time working on value added work
    Clearer and faster decisions made




The Delivery
Current situation measurement activities
A learning and review event
Behaviour surveys
Meeting observation sessions
Improvement workshops and training
Self help collateral
1-1 ongoing telephone and Skype support

Action-Fraction   Measures of Success
Quality of meeting outcomes
Duration and quantity of ongoing meetings
Team working and collaboration
Motivation and attitudes
Time utilisation


Contact us to book a place on our meetings improvement program or discuss how your business could improve the time spent in meetings.


Industry Comment

It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.

James Thurber

Process for process sake is not good for goodness sake.

Lynn A. Edmark