Meetings Survey: What Employees Are Saying

21 November 2013 | By Catherine Wheatcroft

We have been conducting research on the effectiveness of company meetings and whether they are actually productive in their output, focus and content. Having surveyed 500 SME and corporate UK businesses, we are now pleased to publish the results that we have found to date.


This survey will be ongoing so if you have not yet completed it, then follow this link and tell us your views and experiences of meetings in your workplace.

Complete our Survey: Meetings and their effectiveness in the workplace


If you think that your company meetings could be more productive, then calculate how much they are costing you by not being productive.
Calculate the cost of un-productive meetings in your business



What type of meetings do you attend in your organisation?  


How many meetings do you attend in an average week?

Meetings Per Week

How many of your weekly meetings produce actions or follow up activities? In a typical meeting how much time is spent unproductively?

Actions and follow up Time spent unproductively

How important are face-to-face meetings in your role?

How many of your face-to-face meetings could be held by

telehone or internet communication instead?

Face to face meetingsAlternative meeting methods

What could your company do to make meetings more productive? If you could change one thing about your company meetings,
what would it be?

How to be more productiveChange one thing

What are the overall positive aspects of holding face-to-face meetings?

Positive aspects