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The cost of a single meeting

If we think about the amount of time we all spend in meetings, it would be ideal if they were all productive, purposeful and helped you make decisions. Each meeting we attend that is not effective is costing your company's profits. So how much are you costing when you are in a meeting?

Calculate your individual meeting costs....
1. How long is the meeting scheduled for?
2. Type of person attending
3. Number of attendees in meeting

Meetings that you attend which produce no decision or positive actions are potentially costing your business this amount:



We can review your current practices and provide solutions to ensure you no longer waste revenue through ineffective meetings.


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Industry Opinions ...

One of the biggest problems is not having an agenda and not sticking to it, so discussion goes completely off track.

Executive Service Sector

Most of us can increase productivity if we didn't have to attend an endless series of meetings that have no useful purpose.

IT Software Sector