Why lessons learnt reviews are important for the Aerospace & Defence sector

By its very nature, contracts relating to aerospace and defence are typically large-scale, complex, multi-million currency projects.

They can be awarded on the basis of meeting government standards and legislation, be of important national strategic capability and can support thousands of jobs in the process. These contracts have intricate deliverables and demand best value of suppliers and providers and manufacturers.

Businesses in these sectors tend to have teams, departments and groups of organisations that are exceptionally good at project management, in fact, they can be industry leading. But they are not exempt from risks surrounding a project and programme management capabilities. These risks, if not identified can affect the programme by £millions and result in non-adherence to project deliverables.

Project reviews can play a huge part in identifying lessons that can be mapped to key performance indicators for change. These identified changes will benefit in many ways:
The project moving forward
Supplier interactions and change requests
Help keep the programme on track
Better planning and communications
Better use of resources
Produce easier methods for identifying risks

Our facilitated lessons learnt workshops are effective at the start of a project, during existing projects at critical stages or as a post project review. We will help you to capture your business lessons as they evolve and learn from them consistently to improve business performance.