Why lessons learnt reviews are important for the Engineering sector

In recent years the role of industrial engineering has broadened significantly as a discipline, and now provides invaluable support to the production and manufacturing sectors.

By its very nature, engineering projects are complex, from large infrastructure projects such as Crossrail or the Olympics to the large impact at a microscopic level of robotic surgery or blood monitors; there are many excellent examples of great engineering.

The challenge for engineering companies has always been to develop and exploit emerging technologies in advanced manufacturing, low carbon standards and environmental products and services. But how do businesses achieve this whilst also improving individual, team and company wide performance?

  • Are engineering companies exploiting the power of learning from lessons in order to:
    Prevent failures from taking the wrong approach
    Operational equipment failures
    Repeated mistakes on similar projects
    Paying twice through not learning from experience

Our facilitated lessons learnt workshops are effective at the start of a project, during existing projects at critical stages or as a post project review. We will help you to capture your business lessons as they evolve and learn from them consistently to improve business performance.