Why lessons learnt reviews are important for the Manufacturing sector

The characteristics of UK manufacturing have changed over the years and now manufacturers need to use technological and non-technological innovations to better their business. Manufacturers have to continually invest in skills, knowledge, software, infrastructure and even training, accreditations, branding and marketing.

Some of these changes are not one off exercises and will need to be repeated to produce better responses. Some will be huge one off investments that will need to stand the test of time for several years and produce tangible benefits, cost savings, efficiencies or increased production.

There are best practice learning methodologies involved in all investments of time and money, if only to ensure:
• Costly mistakes are not repeated
• Tangible efficiencies are made as a direct result of the change taking place
• Roll out is on time and budget
• Activities / changes do not affect production
• Workers and affected stakeholders are engaged with the proposed changes
• A positive PR story is created internally and externally
• Competitors sit up and take note of the improvements made
• It will improve the bottom line at some point in the future

Learning lessons from business change projects are invaluable for the future of the business and will ensure continued success of future projects. A facilitated project review workshop will allow you to focus on manufacturing whilst implementing business improvements with best practice methods.

The aim of the project review workshop is that your business captures the knowledge and lessons from projects that can be used to improve future projects.