Why lessons learnt reviews are important for the Energy & Power sector

The planning and management of any energy, power or marine project is intricate, resource intensive and critical to the project achieving the required outcome on time and within budget.

Planning each phase with clearly defined goals, optimising resources, maintaining engagement with all stakeholders, keeping to schedule, keeping the project within financial boundaries and monitoring quality are all areas where the unavoidable can happen.

The consequences of things going wrong, poor communication and deadlines slipping are very costly. Regular project reviews can alleviate some of these problems before they start to impact the bottom line. We will work with your project teams and stakeholders to understand what went wrong and find solutions to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated on future projects.

Facilitated lessons learnt workshop would focus on finding best practice within your projects:
• Identify existing processes and procedures that can be improved upon
• Uncover recommendations that will contribute to continuous improvement
• Enhance project teams planning and preparedness for future programs