Why lessons learnt reviews are important for the Telecommunications sector

Telecommunications projects involving infrastructure, installation, commissioning or integration are complex and multi-dimensional.

The nature of these projects can leave them very open to failure, dissatisfied end users and projects that end up delayed and costly. But telecommunications companies are trusted to deliver these critical services and project manage the various risks, suppliers, contractors, equipment, health and safety standards, support services and customer expectations.

With multi £million contracts and tight deadlines for roll out, companies can be guilty of commencing the next project having not really understood or captured the failures of previous projects and not having recorded the successes that should be used again.

It is more than common for individuals in project team to have beneficial knowledge of methods, tricks, shortcuts or scripts to make refinements or save time, that are never shared amongst other team members.


Even if your business is a leader in best practice, lesson learnt reviews will:
Uncover areas to focus on as a business that you may not have been aware of before.

Understand the weaker processes so they can be improved upon.

Ensure your project teams work more efficiently and are not wasting profits through poor practice and flow of work.