Why lessons learnt reviews are important to the Transport & Infrastructure sector

Transport is essential to our lives, but there is a perception that major transport projects are difficult to manage in the UK.

At best the press report major over runs, mistakes that cost the project many millions of pounds, poor management and control of multiple contractors, contractual disputes that burden management time and set the project back and reputation damage.

There is no single answer to this as every project is entirely different, complex, multi-faceted and with differing demands from stakeholders. There is no simple set of best practice guidelines to follow, but even a few small changes or lessons learnt has the potential to make a huge positive impact on reputation, bottom line profits and public perception.

Action Fraction will work with you to find these crucial lessons to learn, no matter what stage your project is at. You may think that on the scheme of things, what difference can it really make to a multi-million pound contract? An independently facilitated review workshop will provide:

Uncover areas to focus on as a business that you may not have been aware of before.
Know the weak links in your project management and implement improvements for best practice – even the best businesses have potentially damaging weak areas.
Ensure your project team, suppliers and contractors work more efficiently and are not wasting profits from the project through poor communication, lack of coherence, complicated procedures.
Make the improvements that your competitors are not making and create a better reputation with the public, government, press and future potential contracts.
Save management and project time by limiting disputes, repeat visits to the drawing board, material ordering mistakes, delays caused by incomplete paperwork.
Positive press coverage that sends out the right message to all stakeholders.