Frequently Asked Questions

We have in-house project reviews already, why would we use Action-Fraction?

In a project based business it is fairly normal for project reviews to take place with team members, but we find that the structure and processes used are ineffective and sometimes counterproductive. These internal reviews have not been successful, may have been a negative experience for attendees and management are not provided with tangible outcomes for the business to improve upon. This is down to a lack of focus, sessions becoming a blame exercise or incorrect facilitation by someone too involved in the actual project.

Previous project reviews that we have undertaken have not proved to be a useful exercise, why will Actions-Fraction’s be any better?

Internally held project reviews will invariably fail to produce useful knowledge or beneficial commercial outputs. This is due to sessions being led by managers that do not have workshop facilitation skills and are too involved in the project to remain objective and neutral.

It is vital that the review team is steered by a neutral person, someone not involved in the project or business that will take an objective and focused viewpoint.

Other common reasons for project review failures are:
Not capturing the outputs and action points correctly, if they are even captured at all
The business culture or project managers do not encourage learning from mistakes, failures or successes
Incorrect methods used or wrong environment for a successful project reviews
Lack of knowledge sharing, where ideas and improvement points are retained by senior management or the overall project leader
The session resorts to a blame finding session

What background and qualifications do your facilitators bring?

All Action-Fraction facilitators have undergone training in Workshop Facilitation and Design, passing the Edexcel Certificate qualification (BTEC Level 3). We believe that this demonstrates our commitment to provide the best service for our clients. The tools and techniques learned ensure that our facilitators can design the right workshop, operate effectively as a facilitator and learn group dynamics to get the best from attendees.

Our facilitators have experience of both workshop facilitation and managing projects within their respective industries. Their project management experience enables them to have a full appreciation for lessons learnt and the important role that this plays for our clients.

      • What happens in a project review workshop?
        One of the key reasons why our lessons learnt workshops are a success is a complete understanding of our clients objectives from the start; another is clear communication for the participants on the day and throughout the process. We have a tried and tested process, tools and techniques to ensure you get maximum benefit:

        Understand and capture the original project objectives
        Define the scope of the review before the workshop, so that all attendees know what to expect and the intentions are clear.
        Our independent facilitators provide an objective and neutral view of the project and keeps discussions focused and on track.
        Use appropriate and engaging techniques during the workshop to gain maximum output.
        Ordering all of the ideas into a priority few.
        Cascade actions and measures down the organisation
        Following the workshop we deliver an appropriate and concise and report that documents the key outcomes and areas for future improvement
        Gather recommendations and assist you to centralise these as a respository of best practice.

How long are your project review workshops?
Our project review workshop is based on two full days and we offer smaller intermediate reviews, which are suited to key milestone reviews during a project. Typically our post project reviews will be two days in duration and reviews held before a project commences or during key milestones or stages of the project will be a single full day session.

What are the timings on the day for your project review workshops?
All of our full day workshops run from 9.30am to 4.00pm with the usual refreshment breaks and lunch.

Where are your workshops and training courses held?
Workshops and course can either be held on-site at your premises or at a locally hired meeting room at a venue near to your premises. If the session is to be held on-site, we will require a room large enough for the number of attendees, projection facilities and a board room style layout.

What are your fees and charges for workshops?

Please contact us to discuss your project review requirements and attendee numbers.


How can I find out the costs, location and timings for your training sessions?

Visit our training pages for further information or contact