Why Us

  • 1

    Use Best Practice.

    Our techniques uncover best practice, to create a stronger, more efficent project team.

  • 2

    Be Better than your Competition.

    Don't repeat the same mistakes, manage client expectations better and increase customer satisfaction.

  • 3

    Continual Improvement.

    Improve future project performance to reduce costs, meet deadlines and build the best reputation in your industry.

About Us

Why the name...Action-Fraction?
Action means something done or accomplished, a movement or series of movements.
Fraction means to divide, breaking into small pieces. Action-Fraction's services enable people to break down issues or challenges to find solutions that they can act on to benefit the business going forward.

What we offer
Action-Fraction deliver specific programs of improvement through performance reviews, training and challenge workshops. We have a focus on increasing staff productivity and reducing costs, with quantifiable results.


We can help our clients achieve positive, measurable results in these areas
- Making meetings more effective and less resource wasteful
- Improve post project review processes to reduce mistakes and waste
- Create more sales leads, business and market place awareness
- Establish what best practice looks like for your business and put it in place


Businesses that benefit from our services are looking to
- Reduce wasted costs
- Increase staff productivity
- Maximise their potential and that of their resources
- Continually improve
- Move their business forward

Our ideal clients
Our services are attractive to a diverse range of sectors including construction, manufacturing, engineering, information technology, rail, event management and aerospace.


Industry Comment

Organizations lose great inputs by ignoring the lessons learned that can save cost, time, and reputation in future projects.

Kareem Shaker

If you always blame others for your mistakes, you will never improve.

Joy Gumz