Can The Wider Organisation Benefit from Learning Lessons?

08 June 2013 | By Catherine Wheatcroft

Lessons learnt or project reviews are often associated with construction or government projects, but they can be extremely beneficial to all industries and for many business functions. Businesses do not have the time or spare capital to make repeated mistakes and need to react quickly to market changes. Reviewing what your organisation should do more of and areas where there is room for improvement can be applied to the following:

• For making decisions on complex or contentious business issues 

• To identify cost savings or areas to improve delivery

• To get teams working together more effectively to achieve shared outcomes
• When defining function, departmental or organisational visions

• To cease making the same mistakes repeatedly
• When teams are struggling to achieve their performance goals

• To develop and validate strategy or business plans

• To improve working relationships with suppliers or customers
• Where there is a need to obtain constructive employee input

• For complex strategic issues or problem solving

• To identify business issues and challenges

• For a new project launch or development phase
• To arrive at the best solution with full stakeholder buy in
• When teams are experiencing conflict or unhealthy agreement