Why lessons learnt reviews are important to the Event Management sector

As a business specialising in event management, you will no doubt feel that you have been through enough problems and last minute issues, to not make mistakes or need to learn lessons.

But all businesses can benefit from project reviews in order to uncover failures, breakdowns or small refinements that can make a huge difference to your business profits, reputation and clients satisfaction.

It is the small failures or mistakes that creep in that may go un-noticed in the wider picture:
The project starts well in the early stages but eyes are not 100% on the ball as the event nears and the workload builds and builds. If your team do not manage this pressure build up, they will start to make bad decisions.
The client expects a great event, the audience a quality experience and you are responsible for meeting these expectations.
You need to provide your clients with the feeling of safety and assurance in your experience and expertise to deliver a suitable solution. This can only be achieved if your team know what mistakes to avoid and how to deliver using best practice.
Things go wrong all the time because we are human and work in a people-orientated industry. It is always the manner in which issues and disasters are dealt with that leave their mark on your reputation with the client.
It is all too easy to actually loose money through poor project management of large events or even an unsuccessful event itself.
There is the potential for bad and damaging publicity if something goes wrong that is not picked up on before it becomes a major issue for the client.

Even if your events are a success, you have a brilliant project team a lessons learnt review will:
Uncover areas to focus on as a business that you may not have been aware of before
Know your weaker areas you can improve on them and develop best practice – every business has them
Ensure your team work more efficiently and are not wasting profits from the project
Create an even better reputation in your industry through improvements that your competitors have not made
Win more contracts from your competitors
Benefit from more press coverage and case studies – free marketing