Why Us

Why Use Us

In this ever changing and competitive marketplace, using best practice, with the most efficient project teams and using past knowledge effectively will win you more business. Project reviews pay an important part in ticking all of these boxes.

Action-Fraction concentrates on helping business achieve sustainable improvements to programme delivery and increased project profits. We expect our project review methodologies to bring the following:

Profit Benefits
Retain more profits within each project
Reduce costly strategic mistakes
Improved organisational processes to increase and retain revenue

Staff & Resources Benefits
Develop ‘industry best’ current and future project managers
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery process
Greater staff motivation, engagement and commitment
Better team performance and communications

Future Opportunity Benefits
Win more profitable business
Enhance reputation in the marketplace
Higher levels of organisational performance
Competitive advantages
Effectual business processes
Improved safety and risk awareness
Attract and retain valuable clients
Build client trust in your brand
Business performance that is benchmarked against recognised best practice

Programme Benefits
Reduced risk
Reduced waste
Deliver exceptional (not good) customer service
Better decisions based on sound information
Capacity to continuously improve


The Consequences of Not Using Us
Loss of reputation: protecting reputation starts with understanding performance and risk, so the business understands where it needs to raise performance and mitigate against failure.

Poor team effectiveness: project teams are not working efficiently and are unlikely to realise their maximum potential.

Costs continue to get out of control: due to lack of planning, excessive rework, too much waste or sudden increased resource requirements.

Repeated mistakes: project teams have not learnt the lessons from past projects, so will cause extra risks, increased costs or time delays.

Projects fail to meet their objectives: the business is unaware of skills deficits and what needs to be done about them.

Lower profit margin projects: premium contracts are not won and client commitment for the long term is not established.

Lack of control over your client relationships: the end result might be there, but it has been a painful experience for all stakeholders at times.

No differentiation: the business fails to differentiate from competitors and end up bidding on price alone.


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Industry Comment

Relying on luck is not a viable project strategy; however, this is what we do when we ignore lessons learned.

Duncan Haughey

Process for process sake is not good for goodness sake.

Lynn A. Edmark